Flex Adapters

Flex adapters are suited for just about any type of exhaust related application. They can be used to absorb engine vibrations and will accept both bending and axial movements. Flex adapters are often manufactured from stainless steel materials and can withstand extremely high temperatures.

Auto flex adapters can come with or without expendable bushings and you will be able to choose from an extensive array of lengths and inlet/outlet sizes. With flex adapters, you will be able to route your exhaust as you see fit. You will no longer need to waste time bending exhaust pipes on your own or pay others to have them bent.

Flex Adapters
Flex Adapters
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After a certain number of cycles, your flex adapter may start to leak as soon as it heats up and cools off. You are not recommended to use it before a muffler as it will direct exhaust fumes into your car. You should not take this occurrence lightly, as the negative effects from inhaling exhaust gases are cumulative. When you detect such problems, you are recommended to get a replacement as soon as possible.

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