Catalytic Converters

The exhaust of vehicles can produce a variety of harmful emissions such as nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxides and hydrocarbons. Catalytic converters are used to reduce the amount of those harmful pollutants by converting them into less harmful gases and water vapor through various chemical reactions.

Catalytic converters contain a core of ceramics that has many minute pores that are coated with powdered versions of various metals like rhodium, palladium and platinum. The pores are placed close to the engine and will heat up to a temperature that’s high enough to alter the chemical structure of exhaust gases that passes through it.

Catalytic Converters
Catalytic Converters
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Most problems with malfunctioning catalytic convertors are caused by temperature fluctuations in the exhaust system. Excessive amounts of un-burnt fuel cause the catalytic convertor to reach absurdly high temperatures which can damage the fine catalyst materials. Over time, the converter will become less effective, unable to perform successful chemical conversions and inevitably allowing exhaust output to contain more harmful gases.

Also, if the converter suddenly becomes submerged in water, rapid cooling will take place and break apart its internal honeycomb. When that happens, it will obstruct the passageway that leads to the exhaust pipe. A decrease in engine efficiency will be noticeable when the converters become plugged. It's best that you replace them when the inevitable happens.

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