Exhaust Mufflers

Your vehicle's engine is known to be a source of pulsating noises when highly pressurized gases are released from opened exhaust valves. These mini sound bursts that travel down the exhaust pipes can add up into a potentially loud and very annoying sound. Exhaust mufflers are used to minimize these sound levels before they can exit the auto exhaust system. They do this by creating their own sound waves that cancel the unwanted sounds waves that bounce around against the baffles.

Exhaust Pipe
Exhaust Pipe

These mufflers are usually mounted in line with your existing exhaust pipes and before the end of the exhaust tips. While mufflers may create some degree of restriction in your car exhaust system, you can't go out on the highway without them either as local and state laws govern sound levels. In fact, mufflers are also key components that make your car street-legal. What's more, they can improve your exhaust flow as well.

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Just like any other car part, mufflers can malfunction as well. There are three common problems caused by malfunctioning mufflers and the first one is loud noises. When the mufflers are damaged, there will be a drastic change in the volume of your muffler. The next problem that can be caused by bad mufflers is decreasing miles per gallon. If you notice that you are spending more time at the pump, something is wrong and your mufflers could be the cause.

Another problem you might experience is bad smells and they are potentially the most dangerous. Your mufflers usually funnel exhaust fumes away from your vehicle and if they are not working properly, they could cause these gases to get stuck inside your car.

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